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Scivil - Citizen Science Vlaanderen
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Scivil - Citizen Science Flanders
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Scivil has been mandated by the Flemish government to create a knowledge center for Citizen Science. Scivil compiles general knowledge about Citizen Science and identifies the needs of researchers who want to use Citizen Science in their own research. Needs varying from juridical advice, ethical dilemmas, data management, communication with citizen, etc. Scivil aims to be a network organization supporting citizen science projects as well as research on citizen science in Flanders. Scivil organises network events and workshops and has a monthly newsletter.
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Scivil has several key tasks to promote and support citizen science in Flanders. - Be a source of knowledge for citizen science projects/researchers - Advice policy makers, researchers, organizations and citizens about the benefits and findings of citizen science projects. - Support Citizen Science researchers to communicate efficiently with their target public so as to increase participation in their projects and and answer technical questions about research, about the data collected, technical material (sensors,...), privacy, - Manage data obtained through Citizen Science projects and make them available to other research institutions and citizens. - Encourage cooperation and connect Citizen Science projects which have the same goal, research area or tools (ex.: air quality).