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The WaterLab facilitates collaboration and the exchange of knowledge between watermanagement institutions, schools, universities and citizens via Citizen Science projects in which citizens collect data and do research. We focus specifically on water-related matters and questions. New methods and techniques that are developed by start-ups can be tested and demonstrated within this context. Additionally, the WaterLab offers the opportunity and tools for practical research and education for scholars in primary and secondary schools.
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The WaterLab is a collaboration between Science Centre Delft (a science museum), the local governmental Watermanagement Department (Hoogheemraadschap van Delfland), VP Delta (an organisations that supports and facilitates the development of new technological inventions) and IHE Delft (an UNESCO educational organisation). With employees of each of the partners, we approach scientist and business and discuss with them how we could support a research project by including citizen science. Furthermore, we assist in the organisation and content of the project. For example we help with communication towards the participants, write instructions or develop educational tools.
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Newest project: Check the Green in your City (Check de Stadsvergroening)
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Citizens can participate in measuring the type of soil and the waterinfiltration and capacity of the soil. By doing this on as many locations as possible, you will aid in developing solutions for the water nuisance that we will expect in the future as a result of climate change. We are also organizing other projects! Curious? Check out all the projects on our website:
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Earth Sciences
Urban/Landscape Planning
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