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Umweltschutzorganisation GLOBAL 2000
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GLOBAL 2000 - Friends of the Earth Austria
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Since 1982, GLOBAL 2000 has been working on controversial social themes to uncover potential hazards for humans and the environment. GLOBAL 2000 closely monitors the development of environmental policy in Austria and is committed to ecological fairness and a future worth living both locally and around the globe. Helping victims of ecological disasters is part of our work.
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GLOBAL 2000 is partner in European funded H2020 citizens science projects (e.g. Captor, LandSense), national Funded projects (e.g. BienenWerksatt) as well as running apps funded through sponserings or cooperations (Dreckspotz, Schmetterlinge Österreichs). We have also supported other citizen science projects through targeted communication activities reaching out to our wide supporter Network and building on our communication & campaigning experience.
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CAPTOR, LandSense, DreckSpotz, Schmetterlinge Österreichs, BienenWerkstatt / Meet the Bees, ToxFox Gift-Frage
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We run different projects with different foci regarding the target groups and the topics covered. *** CAPTOR *** A H2020 citizen observatory project. CAPTOR has developed low-cost sensors for the data collection in three European Regions heavily affected by ozone pollution. The project is based on the assumption that the combination of citizen science, collaborative networks and environmental grassroots social activism helps to raise awareness and find solutions to the air pollution problem. ***LANDSENSE*** A H2020 citizen observatory project. We are involved in the development of CityOasis app and the piloting campaing in Vienna (May 2019) The project also establishes a platform for citizen observatories to be able to link data and use innovative tools based on satellite image analysis e.g. change detection for land use change.***DRECKSPOTZ*** Is an app where citizens can register litter they have spotted. The aim is to get an overview over the littering situation in Austria. ***SCHMETTERLINGE ÖSTERREICHS*** With this app butterflies can be identified registered. Once or twice a year reports about the situation of butterflies in Austria are published using the data collected via the app.***BIENEN WERKSTATT / MEET THE BEES*** In this project school kids (8-10) run there own project to scientifically assess the impact of pesticides on bees. ***TOXFOX Gift-Frage*** This apps deals with toxic substances in cosmetics and toys. Users are also encouraged to support the app by submitting data. The "Gift-Frage" (Toxic-Question) is a new feature that builds on a new regulation which obliges companies to disclose all substances e.g. in toys when asked by consumers.
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Earth Sciences
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