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Suomen ympäristökeskus
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Finnish Environment Institute
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Research institute
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Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) is a research and expert institute. We carry out broad-scoped monitoring and research of the environment. We tackle significant environmental problems such as climate change and the adequacy of natural resources. We research environmental changes and their backgrounds, as well as search for methods to resolve problems. We work with decision-makers, companies, municipalities and citizens in numerous Finnish and international networks.
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SYKE develops and maintains internationally renown citizen science initiatives, such as LakeWiki, and works actively with schools (e.g. Far Out project, and NGOs (e.g. Winter Watch campaign) to engage citizens in observing their living environments. SYKE also develops and maintains infrastructure for citizen observation (CitobsDB services). In addition, we conduct social scientific research and publish about the transformative capacity of citizen science and use of knowledge produced by citizen science in environmental decision making. SYKE's communication team supports citizen science by actively circulating information on citizen science activities, research results and events through various media.
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Järviwiki (alias Lakewiki) is a web service which is built and maintained in cooperation by authorities and common people. In Järviwiki there is basic information on each Finnish lake over 1 ha in extent and tools for sharing ie. observations and pictures. Järviwiki was created with the aim of sharing information on Finland's lakes, to raise awareness and promote the protection of our waters. The idea is to do this together, with a positive attitude and non-judgementally.
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