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Youth4planet e.V.
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Youth4planet Association (nonprofit)
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Youth4planet is engaging youth in cooperative storytelling and film making with mobile devices to visualise the SDG topics exploring ideas and creating actions for a good life within planetary boundaries. We run students and teachers workshops in universities, schools and the workplace (currently in Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, with more to come soon) empowering the participants for in depth research and cooperative presentations of their findings. Youth4planet is supporting youth organisations engaged in sustainability issues to start their own storytelling processes. We help to encourage students or participants to find ideas for a better planet. Youth4Planet is providing an unique action, learning and storytelling concept for the digital world. Teams, seminars, interest groups or organisations – everybody can join in. The step-by-step filmmaking process is unleashing huge social skills and undreamed creative powers. Digital apps and online tools are fun to use for local storytelling and global cooperation. A global Story4Change campaign is offering a continuous storytelling and action challenge using gamification elements. The stories are based on the values of the UN sustainable development goals and are curated and bundled for festivals, presentations or online events. Selected stories stay in the Youth4planet Innovation Cloud as an accessible and inspiring solution source for cities, companies or institutions, closing the gap between „Creator“ and „Decider“!
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We use citizen science concepts in all our workshop encouraging our young participants (between 6 and 26) to engage an research activities, interview proper scientists for advice and on camera. We are planning to establish a cooperative earth archive with filmed footage from mobile phones.
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Digitization and Sustainability. Univ. of Applied Science Darmstadt
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We inspire students to develop and visualise ideas for a sustainable lifestyle and produce films to convince others as well.
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Earth Sciences
Social and Behavioural Sciences
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