Name of the organization/project in the original language: 
Národní muzeum
Name of the organization/project in English: 
National Museum
Please select the type of your organization/project: 
Museum/Science Center/Aquarium/Zoo
Please indicate the mandate/goals/activities of your organization/project.: 
National museum is the biggest museum in the Czech republic with more than 200 years of history. The main goal is to communicate with the public through the exhibition, seminars, workshops to interpret stories from our history, nature and habits in the modern era.
How are you performing research on Citizen Science, taking part in Citizen Science activities and/or supporting Citizen Science?: 
We are running City Nature Challenge project in Prague and we have also coordinate a huge community (more than 400 people) who are ringing the birds in the Czech Republic. As the National museum we are also responsible for organising a several activities during the year focused on a education and popularisation.