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Station Biologique de Paimpont - Université de Rennes 1
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Paimpont Biological Field Station - University Rennes 1
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Museum/Science Center/Aquarium/Zoo
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Scientific research, Teaching Scientific outreach Seminar center
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Among our experiences in scientific outreach and collaborating with scientifif research teams, here are some illustrative examples of actions : (1) We work with the national museum and other partners on the project briefly presented previously (BFS3 - H2020). (2) We take part to training courses tageted to school teachers aiming to develop citizen sciences projects in their schools. (3) We organise an annual science festival in which the citizen sciences are promoted. (4) We have organized some bioblitz (flash inventories of biological forms). (5) We host and work with a laboratory in charge of the national earthworm participative observatory (Ecobio - Université Rennes1/CNRS)
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BFS3 - Biological Fierld Stations, Sciences for Society
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Not yet
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The objective of the BFS3 project is to develop and experiment a framework for a BFS network in Europe to implement co-designed science by citizens (bottom-up community-based approach of citizen science) with impacts on science, on participating citizens, and on society, to improve local policy and governance of the socio-ecosystem.
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Social and Behavioural Sciences
Urban/Landscape Planning
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