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Stichting Mijn Data Onze Gezondheid
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Foundation My Data Our Health
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To enhance the control of citizen over their health data and To make the value of citizen science tangible through enhanced data ownership
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Organization of a bi-annual conference 'BeyondRCT: towards co-operative citizen Science in Fod and Health'. ( Development and leadership of research consortia in the health domain (notably MyOwnResearch) Development of a national (investment) agenda on Citizen Science in Health Promotion of the Holland Health Data Co-operative ( Licensing of a personalised self-tracking tool fit for n=1 experimentation
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Many people with chronic conditions experiment with all kinds of self-care, in addition to the treatments they receive from their regular (para) medical care givers. However, there is not yet a suitable method to properly translate their personal context-bound findings into recognizable and acceptable knowledge and therapy for others. This is unfortunate, first and foremost for the experimenting patient himself, because he does not get enough insight into what self-care actually does for him / her. In addition, it is also not in the collective care interest; after all, potentially successful therapies and resources remain unused. The new project "MyOwnResearch" wants to show that it is indeed possible to properly monitor individual self-care and to translate it into knowledge development that quickly yields results: for patients, for (medical) knowledge and healthcare institutions, and also for the business community. In this project we want to demonstrate the value of this new methodical approach in a concrete case with patients who are chronically fatigued and have intestinal complaints.
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