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Partizipative Wissenschaftsakademie
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Participatory Science Academy
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The Participatory Science Academy is made possible by the Mercator Foundation Switzerland
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The Participatory Science Academy focuses on competence and skills development for citizen science. Our goal is to identify skills and competencies needed for participatory research and to provide training for these skills for academic as well as citizen scientists.
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The Participatory Science Academy develops services and courses for competence development for participatory research. Both academic and citizen scientists can receive training and support, including facilitation, for citizen science projects. The Participatory Science Academy furthermore awards seed grants for the development and/or implementation of citizen science projects at the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich. We have 250'000 CHF available each year (for an initial period of four years). Priority is given to projects that are based on a high degree of participation of citizens in as many phases of the research process as possible. The first call will be online at by mid-April 2019. Besides skills and competence development for participatory citizen science, the Participatory Science performs research on the conditions of excellent citizen science projects. The first project we are doing is a representative survey of the Swiss population regarding the willingness and the motivation to engage in scientific endeavours. This project is carried out on cooperation with the Department of Sociology, the Department of Communication and Media Research and the Center for Gerontology at the University of Zurich.