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Vetenskap & Allmänhet
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VA (Public & Science)
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VA promotes dialogue and openness between the public and researchers. Please find more info about us and what we do at the English section of our website:
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Since 2009, we run annual mass experiments where thousands of school pupils engage with researchers and participate in real research. As a hub for science communication and public engagement in Sweden we would like to promote and communicate about the opportunities citizen science provide to researchers, citizen scientists and the society at large.
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Mass experiments for school pupils
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As part of Researchers’ Night, each year VA (Public & Science) coordinates a mass experiment that involves schools across the whole of Sweden. Every autumn, thousands of Swedish pupils of all ages are involved in helping researchers gather huge amounts of data.
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Social and Behavioural Sciences
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Facebook: ForskarFredag, vetenskapoallm Facebook: different groups for participants in each year's mass experiment Twitter: vetenskapoallm