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Museum national d'Histoire naturelle
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National Natural History Museum (France)
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Research institute
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Preservation and enrichment of natural history collections Research Expertise Teaching and training Dissemination
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THe MNHN has developed a strong set of skills and competences in citizen science, in particular through the production of a virtual herbaria accessible through the web and where communities of animators are documenting the collections and contributing to enriching the database (les herbonautes). It has also created a structured network of amator observers and correspondents, providing them with a rigorous protocol on the collection of data. At the interface of science an society this method ensures an excellent national coverage and the production of a large amount of structured data to allow a better understanding of how biodiversity is reacting to global change (Vigie Nature). Beyond this, citizen science are providing to be an excellent tool towards public awareness. Finally, French authorities have recently decided to invest in the modernisation of citizen science in natural history, in particular on expanding data analysis to professionals involved in biodiversity issues through their practices, on developing community management specific to citizen science and on working at a better coordination across scales from local projects to national monitoring (65 Million d'Observateurs).