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Private Company
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BLB is a research and consulting company, which specializes in the gathering, management and application of business intelligence, as well as decision making support, risk management and corporate social responsibility.
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Citizen science/ citizens' observatories complement authoritative Earth observations. BLB has particularly worked on the combination of non-authoritative and authoritative data in decision-making. Both on technical and policy level. Bente Lilja Bye has worked with science outreach for more than a decade and combines the different experiences in a pilot product targeting potential citizen observers assisting citizen science in various ways. BLB is currently also a Task Coordinator in the Group of Earth Observations where capacity building and user applications are among the focus areas. Citizen science is a part of the focus on translating Earth observations to various societal applications. Bente Lilja Bye is an award winning short movie/video producer and has done outreach work for international and national organizations. BLB will continue to use its position in online media to inform about citizen science and citizens' observatories. BLB is a partner in a citizen science proposal to the Horizon2020.
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Citizen science & citizens' observatories online course
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This is an online course/class for citizens that are both nature loving and gadget geeks who also travel a lot. It target an audience that are not yet in any community addressing citizen science, but are still interested in contributing with their various technical equipment. The goal is to help recruit more citizens to existing and future projects, pre-training courses and other activities. It is complementing existing capacity.
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Bente Lilja Bye, BLB