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Iedereen Wetenschapper
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Everybody Scientist
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journalistic organisation
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Iedereen Wetenschapper is a platform for citizen science, created by Eos Wetenschap (, with the support of the Jonge Academie ( and the Flemish citizen science knowledge center Scivil ( The platform presents calls to participate in citizen science projects, mainly from Belgium and the Netherlands. It also has a section for researchers where they can find information on citizen science and become inspired to start off a project of their own. They can inform us about their projects, so we can publish the project on the platform. We are also offering other services for researchers (communication with participants, newsletters, press releases, advertising space). Eventually, we want to create a large community in Belgium and the Netherlands of people interested to particpate in citizen science and of researchers interested in citizen science. The platform is in Dutch.
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Iedereen Wetenschapper is active in communication about citizen science. It wants to build a community around citizen science in Belgium and the Netherlands, to motivate people to participate in projects and researchers to do a citizen science project. The platform gives people the opportunity to see how much they can do for science, and wants to bring science and the public together.