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IRI THESys - Integrative Research Institute on Transformation
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IRI THESys - Integrative Research Institute on Transformation
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Research institute
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The core aim of IRI THESys is to better understand transformations of human-environment systems from an interdisciplinary view encompassing the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities. The institute provides a platform for cooperation between scientists from various disciplines and departments of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin as well as regional, national and international partner institutions, who collaborate to tackle interdisciplinary research questions related to land and resource use, urbanization, climate change impacts and intra- and intergenerational environmental justice. The institute actively promotes young scientists through its interdisciplinary research groups and a cross-faculty graduate program and supports the dialogue between science and society through transdisciplinary research, methods trainings and public activities. In this way, we support sustainability not only in research, but also in innovation and exchange.
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• Two of our four research groups are currently using transdisciplinary and participatory approaches within their research practice and contribute to theory development • We document and analyze transdisciplinary processes as accompanying research • One group specializes in participatory modeling in the fields of water resource management and designation of conservation areas • Another group conducts transdisciplinary innovation research in the field of sustainable land management and food security • We are planning a transcontinental dialogue between citizens on water issues • We use visual research methods and visual communication as links between science and society (photo voice on land use change, collaborative photo blog on local aspects of global change, collaboration with artists, ...)