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University College Dublin - Earth Institute
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University College Dublin - Earth Institute
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Research institute
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The UCD Earth Institute provides research-driven solutions to the most pressing global environmental challenges – current and future - facing society. The Institute currently comprises over 80 principal investigators and their teams with multidisciplinary expertise, collaborating to identify solutions to challenges such as: Climate Change & Natural Hazards Finite Natural Resources Sustainable Built Environment Work on these challenges is underpinned by expertise in a number of key disciplines such as: Water, Climate, Energy & Resources, Built Environment, Ecology and Evolution, Natural Hazards & Risk, Environmental Policy & Behaviour and Crops for the future.
How are you performing research on Citizen Science, taking part in Citizen Science activities and/or supporting Citizen Science?: 
We are currently an active member of the COBWEB consortium - As such, we are collaborating closely with a number of groups who seek to harness the potential of Citizen Science. Note that we have recently published in this domain - see