Name of the organization/project in the original language: 
Centro de Administração e Políticas Públicas - Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Políticas
Name of the organization/project in English: 
Centre for Public Administration and Public Policies - Institute of Social and Political Sciences
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Research institute
Please indicate the mandate/goals/activities of your organization/project.: 
The Centre for Administration and Public Policies (CAPP) was founded in 2001 and is a research unit conducting applied research, consultancy and scientific publication in the area of social and political sciences. Its aim is to be a special bridge between academia and society as a whole. CAPP's mission is to conduct pure and applied research in the field of public administration science, public policies and similar areas, in pursuit of the following goals: To produce scientific knowledge in the areas covered by its research groups; To further the education of its researchers; To contribute to publication of research results; To play a part in national and international knowledge-sharing networks; To provide consultancy services to the community.
How are you performing research on Citizen Science, taking part in Citizen Science activities and/or supporting Citizen Science?: 
CAPP has already experiences in projects that include assessment by citizens and citizen participation, moreover via our research in Anthropology and Sociology. We would not refer to it as citizen science but as ‘action-research’ or collaborative fieldwork. We believe that Citizen Science developed from these traditions in which our Institute has an interest for long time for its history of research in developing countries. Presently one of our research areas focuses on territorial policies through place-centered and people-centered research. We are experience citizen science perspectives particularly on that avenue of research. We are as well interested in communicating citizen science new proposals through conferences or even postgraduate courses.