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Leibniz-Verbund Biodiversität (LVB)
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Leibniz Network on Biodiversity
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The dramatic loss of biodiversity represents one of the greatest challenges of our time. Biological diversity – from the genetic to the ecosystem level – has a high intrinsic value and is fundamental to human wellbeing in securing food and clean water supply, protecting health, and enhancing resilience to climate change. The Leibniz Network on Biodiversity (Leibniz-Verbund Biodiversität – LVB) pools competencies and resources of 21 member institutes in order to develop solutions for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity through inter- and transdisciplinary research. We aim at contributing to the implementation of agreements on biodiversity by providing policy makers with scientific knowledge. In addition, the LVB supports initiatives that promote public engagement with science and raise awareness for the value of biological diversity as well as for our responsibility to preserve it.
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The Leibniz Network on Biodiversity supports citizen science initiatives of member institutes via funding and networking