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Tero Ltd
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Tero Ltd
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Private Company
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Tero works with organisations and companies in Research & Development projects. We offer our clients a combination of experience in technology and business issues, enabling them to develop new products and technologies, new work methods and organizational processes.
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Tero supports and participates in the Management Board of Naturalliance, the portal that aims to help everyone whose work or recreation depends on nature. Naturalliance is building up the knowledge people need, in their own language, for local decisions to manage and restore land, water and wildlife, whilst recording the good work done for nature across Europe. Tero has also developed a crowdsourcing platform that encourages the creativity of citizens, by enabling them to share ideas and suggestions on public transport innovations. We are currently validating the platform in four European metropolitan areas, under the Horizon 2020 CIPTEC ( project.
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Transactional Environmental Support System
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TESS has designed a decision support system that can make it easy for policy makers to integrate local knowledge into their decision making, while also guiding and encouraging local activities that restore and maintain biodiversity and ecosystem services. Our vision is to enlighten, encourage and empower local communities to support biodiversity restoration across Europe, through an internet system that unifies all available knowledge to guide decisions for the benefit of biodiversity and livelihoods.