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Youth STEM Club
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- Learning through Inquiry based learning in scientific projects. - Increasing our teenagers responsibility as they start organizing workshops for the community. - Promoting Project Based Learning and collaborative learning through Science research - Offering RRI tools (Responsible Research and Innovation) to young people, through Citizen Science projects that can help solve problems in our community (light pollution, noise pollution among others).
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The aim of our organization is Scientific Research to solve problems in our community. One of the brunches of this aim is Citizen Science to check the problems and to solve it .
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Species Calendar
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In this project we’re trying to make a calendar which will place different birds, insects and plants, which are common in a number of countries, and then place the different dates on which trees or flowers blossom, or the time when animals finish their winter period. We can follow the evolution of the seasons at different latitudes in different years.
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Earth Sciences
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