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Zentrum für Gerontologie, Universität Zürich
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Center for Gerontology, University of Zurich
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Research institute
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The Center for Gerontology is an interdisciplinary and inter-faculty Center of Competence of the University of Zurich. It aims for scientific foundations for aging with good quality of life, and to this purpose strives towards interdisciplinary networking of research and teaching in all fields of gerontology. The Center raises awareness for gerontological issues in economics, politics, church, as well as in the public, and fosters collaboration among researchers, older people and professionals from various fields of services and work for elderly people. Many research projects conducted at the Center for Gerontology follow a participatory approach, meaning that researchers work toghether with stakeholders (e.g. older people or their relatives and experts from the practical field) on a regular basis and during the entire research process.
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As declared in our internal position paper, we define participatory research as a way of integrating stakeholders in the research process in order to safeguard high practical relevance of the research questions and the research results, respecitvely. Thus, our aim is to jointly generate new empirical knowledge with which the living circumstance of people 65+ can be efficently and sustainably modified and improved. With our participatory research projects we address older people and experts from the practical field. We endeavour to integrate stakeholders as early as possible and to reach a high degree of involvement in terms of duration, frequency and co-determination.
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Round Table ZULIDAD
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The Round Table ZULIDAD is part of the Zurich Life and Death with Advanced Dementia (ZULIDAD) Study. It accompanies the longitudinal study during the entire study period of three years. First aim of the Round Table is to take academical and strategical questions toghether with stakeholders. Second aim is to support the transfer of the newly gained knowledge into practive. Therefore the members of the Round Table are currently writing guidelines for family members of people with dementia at the end of life. The Round Table unifies an equal number of representatives of the three key stakeholder groups, namely family members (4 spouses, 3 sons/daughters, 1 nice), professionals (1 manager of nursing home, 2 nurses, 1 board member of Alzheimer’s Society Canton of Zurich, 1 master of master degree course in nursing sciences, 1 theologist, 1 geriatrician, 1 ethicist), researchers (5 members of the steering commitee, 2 postdoc, 1 doctoral candidate), as well as cooperation partners (2 representatives of the municipal nursing homes and the 1 representative of the Sonnweid AG). The Round Table takes place three times per year, it lasts four hours and is professionally moderated. The contents vary depending on the project phase. Each session is prepared by a subgroup, consisting of one representative per stakeholder group. All members take part voluntarily and do not receive financial compensation.
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Social and Behavioural Sciences
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