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Science Connected
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Science Connected
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The mission of Science Connected is to create equal access to scientific research and STEM education for all learners. We build bridges between citizens and scientists thus expanding scientific knowledge for the benefit of people and the planet. Science Connected values lifelong learning, equal access, conservancy, and empowering others to make informed choices to support a healthy planet. We believe that cultivating an informed citizenry is vital to democracy. Therefore, we work to inform the public about science so everyone can make choices that support environmental sustainability.
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GotScience Magazine translates complex research findings into accessible insights on science, nature, and technology. This online publication is accessible to the public free of charge. The GotScience STEM Education Resource Center has distributed free classroom discussion guides for high school and middle school to more than 500 teachers. We also partner with other organizations to develop custom STEM literacy curricula. Science literacy can be fun and interactive, so we want students and teachers alike to enjoy learning about science.