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Asociatia Alfa Centauri
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Alfa Centauri
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Support high-tech and disruptive technologies in local communities, promote IoT, nanosatellites. avionics, robotics, engineering to children, use of high-tech in environmental monitoring and disasters management.
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- involve informal educators in the activities space science and promote nano technologists at the level of citizens - work for independent STEAM networks to include RRI as a study subject in Long Life Learning - build multi-lingual web pages. besides English: German, Swahili and Korean - support the basic activities for further development of citizen science: teenagers and adults workshops and forums in eletronics, robotics, woodcraft and metalcraft
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Landslides monitoring project
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- Monitoring and research of the Arges River Environment by nano-networks of kids (to be submitted soon) = webpage under construction - Developing an independent Landslide prediction system based on ground sensors and Machine Learning algoritms (proposal under evaluation)
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Earth Sciences
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