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Wageningen Environmental Research
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Wageningen Environmental Research
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Research institute
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Wageningen Environmental Research contributes by qualified and independent research to the realisation of a high quality and sustainable green living environment.
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Public support for nature policy and involvement with nature
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In 2017 a questionnaire survey on this topic was held among a representative sample of the Dutch population for the fifth time in twenty years. This longitudinal study indicates that the Dutch population think nature is important, but are ambivalent about the economic importance of nature. They believe the attention given to nature is justified. For many years the public have thought that nature should not be a priority for government policy, but people do think the main responsibility for nature lies with government. They also think that they themselves, nature conservation organisations, farmers and industry share much of the responsibility. There is a great deal of support for measures to conserve nature. People’s involvement with nature is limited mainly to low-threshold activities such as visiting nature reserves and the countryside, hanging up nesting boxes, clearing away rubbish, voting for green political parties and signing petitions. The public is less active in habitat maintenance and landscape restoration work, nature education, attending neighbourhood meetings or taking part in green citizens’ initiatives.
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Urban/Landscape Planning
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