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Doing it Together Science (DITOs)
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Doing it Together Science (DITOs)
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H2020 Project
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Doing It Together Science (DITOs) will implement (many) innovative participatory event formats across Europe focussing on the active involvement of citizens in two critical areas, the cutting edge topic of biodesign and the policy relevant area of environmental monitoring. The project will progress the EU Responsible Research and Innovation agenda by going beyond more common discussions and exhibitions into science café events, which include direct engagement with the processes of scientific research. A central element of the project is the ‘escalator’ model of engagement, in which people can enter at a level of participation that matches their needs, interests, and abilities, while also encouraging them to move beyond. In keeping with this, exhibitions, workshops, support for existing organisations, and guidelines to share the ingredients of successful projects are also part of the long-term project plan.Supporting the ECSA Headquarters.
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In the DITOs project, various citizen science and DIY science activities will be realized.