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IPM - Iniciativa Pro Mar / Projeto Megafauna Marinha do Brasil
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IPM - Iniciativa Pro Mar / Brazilian Marine Megafauna Project
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Our main goal is sensibilization of society for marine life issues and concernings as polution, over explotation of natural resources etc. As a continuation of 12 years of marine research and participation in two books published on MPAs written by Guilherme Kodja (IPM/Project Founder) and other researchers and also the Citizen Scienc program for photo ID of Manta Rays during the annual season in Brazil (state of SP coastline) we seek to reach the non-acabdemic public aiming children form 5 years old at public schools, adults (divers or not) and brig them all those facts and concerns. Also enviromental activities with volunteers in public schools (2014/2015 when coordinating the Education office we performed classes for more than 25,000 children in 3 cities in our area - Santos area) were conducted and the results were major and will be repetead this year. We are looking for financial support for operational costs of this activity.
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As founder, I have developed this program for my former project (Mantas do Brasil) and more than hundred of divers in Brazil participated in those "Research Courses for Recreational Divers". Now we began the new and updated ones not only on Manta Rays but also for whale sharks and those make people concerned about their vulnerability and need of conservation through knowledge. I hope to help ECSA with our expertise and promote similar programs to to the same and better.
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Megafauna Marinha do Brasil | Brazilian Marine Megafauna
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Classes, courses and talks in events about the participation of non academic people in research, sending imagens of marine megafauna ecountered in Brazilian waters (dead or alive) in order to show the species to all, all concerns about it vulnerability etc. We have created the FIRST ANDORID APP (free) with Marine Megafauna information and also we have made past June 9th the first LIVE TRANSMISSION through FACEBOOK of our CITIZEN SCIENCE course for divers (photo ID for Manta Rays and Whale Sharks).
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Project social media contacts: facebnook: /megafaunamarinhadobrasil