About the Challenge

What is it?

The Student Citizen Science Online Challenge is a Europe-wide challenge for students to scientifically and playfully explore issues surrounding biodiversity, sustainability, environmental monitoring, and biodesign. The challenge encourages students (and teachers) to get involved in a local citizen science project or to start one of their own!

Student groups submit a visual or multimedia story sharing their method, observations, or reflection on a citizen science project in or around the classroom. The story could be a video, photo essay, comic strip, or a collection of scientific illustrations. Stories are displayed in an online exhibition, where students can share their story to a wide audience and see what sustainability inquiries other students around Europe are undertaking. The online exhibition is housed by Esri.


Who should participate?

- Secondary school students or mature primary school students anywhere in Europe.

- Formal or informal educators & students: extracurricular activities welcome!

- Groups of students accompanied by a teacher or mentor.



Pilot Round: 1st  March - 15th May

Autumn challenge: 1st November 2018 - 31st January 2019


Why participate?

Show off what you have been working on!

Students and teachers who have been working on a sustainability-related or environmental monitoring citizen science project: share a creative multimedia story about your project. Turn your scientific documentation of results and methods for the classroom audience into a science communication project for a wider audience. Get your creative side flowing and put on blast the science problem-solving going on in and around your classroom!


Not yet involved in an existing citizen science or student-led project? Get involved! Hands-on environmental problem solving is exciting for students and teachers alike. There are some resources for newcomers (and veterans) on our Learning Resources page.


How to participate?

Go to our How it works page.




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