Telling your story

1. What are you investigating?

- Share a bit of background about the existing citizen science project you are participating in.

- Or if it is a student-led project, share your research question or the community or global challenge you’re tackling.

2. Which part of your project do you want to highlight?

- Interesting results?

- A rigorous method that other students could implement in their science classroom?

- A reflection? Did your scientific inquiry inspire individual, school-wide, or neighborhood action?

3. What medium(s) do you want to use to tell your story?

- Can this medium be easily uploaded online





Submission of your story

1. Please visit Narrative Atlas to upload your story!

2. Navigate to the map for the “Student Citizen Science Challenge.”

3. Click the yellow bubble with a plus side inside. This should take you to the submission form.


4. Fill in all required fields on the submission form and upload your story! Any file type or a link to a video or blog are accepted.

5. Your story will appear on the map exhibition space after a moderator has approved it!


If you have any questions, please reach out to


Is your story on social media? use the tag #TogetherSciStudent





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