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Learning and Education in CS


  • Support, research, and evaluate learning and education in CS.
  • Research learning in CS
  • Develop educational opportunities in CS
  • Assist schools in using CS in the classroom
  • Develop tools to evaluate outcomes


CS in Education

In the coming months we intend to:

  • Describe opportunities for volunteer learning, including in institutional settings like schools and museums.
  • Support teachers and project teams in providing educational opportunities using CS.
  • Build a network of teachers using CS in classrooms.
  • Develop an evaluation strategy and tools for learning in CS.

Laure Kloetzer

Chair, University of Neuchâtel


John Harlin

Co-chair, Leysin American School

  • Patricia Silveira, University Geneva
  • Richard Edwards, University of Stirling
  • Thomas Hillman Univiversity of Gothenburg
  • Katherine Mathieson, British Science Association.