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Learning and Education in CS


  • Support, research, and evaluate learning and education in CS.
  • Research learning in CS
  • Develop educational opportunities in CS
  • Assist schools in using CS in the classroom
  • Develop tools to evaluate outcomes

CS in Education

The goals of this Working Group have been to:

  • Describe opportunities for volunteer learning, including in institutional settings like schools and museums.
  • Support teachers and project teams in providing educational opportunities using CS.
  • Build a network of teachers using CS in classrooms.
  • Develop an evaluation strategy and tools for learning in CS.


In March, 2018, Lysin American School in Switzerland (LAS) hosted a 2.5-day workshop on the Synergies between Education and Citizen Science. The workshop was co-organised by the both the ECSA and COST Education & Learning Working Groups, and was funded by COST Action (European Cooperation in Science and Technology). 

The Speaker's presentations, Workshops, Videos, and other materials produced during the event can be found on the LAS website here. Additionally, the videos are all on YouTube in our COST workshop channel

Working Group Website

You can find more information and resources developed by this Working Group, and information on how to join, on our website: https://sites.google.com/view/citizen-science-education/home



John Harlin, Leysin American School


Julia Lorke, Bürger schaffen Wissen

Rick Hall, Ignite!



  • Patricia Silveira, University Geneva
  • Richard Edwards, University of Stirling
  • Thomas Hillman Univiversity of Gothenburg
  • Katherine Mathieson, British Science Association.