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Air quality

The air quality working group supports the activities of citizen science communities working on air quality across Europe, and encourages them to learn from each other. Our main collaborative purpose is to organize the annual European Clean Air Day, on which citizen scientists can find and join activities to monitor air quality in European cities.


Núria Castell, NILU-Norwegian Institute of Air Research

Working group


Currently, we have 49 people in the working group. Some members are only subscribed to the mailing list, others participate in our monthly calls. Others have a more active role in the organization of activities like the European Clean Air Day.

As well as organizing European Clean Air Day, our objectives are to:

  • scale up existing methods for monitoring air quality using citizen science approaches across Europe, and focusing efforts towards the annual European Clean Air Day
  • connect existing citizen science initiatives, facilitate the sharing of information and document the different monitoring and engagement approaches
  • improve our understanding of citizen sensing, including aspects of citizen science engagement, communication and science-policy interaction
  • engage more citizens in Europe in air-quality monitoring and increase awareness about air pollution and its related health issues
  • become a collaborative platform where scientists, technologists, grassroots movements, NGOs, citizens and other interested actors can share knowledge on citizen science for air quality.
ECSA working group badge

Activity plan

  • We organize an annual European Clean Air Day
  • We have a Skype meeting on the second Wednesday of every month. Send us an email if you would like to attend.

Past achievements

  • Policy brief on ‘European Clean Air Day – citizen science for clean air’ (PDF)
  • Holding the first annual European Clean Air Day in 2019.
  • At CoP 24 in Katowice, Poland, working group members attended a side event about air quality, with Pawel Wyszomirski handing over the DITOs policy brief on air quality to the Polish Minister of Environment. 
  • Attendance at events, including: the JRC–Hackair Roundtable, October 2018; the CAPTOR Conference, November 2018; WOWM, November 2018; Venice, Italy.

How to get involved

This is an open working group and new members are welcome. To register and subscribe to our mailing list, please click here. If you have any questions about our working group, please contact the chairs.


The working group has a partnership with the scientific journal Atmosphere, which ensures a 10% discount on article processing charges to all working group members who want to publish in the journal.