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A BioBlitz is an event in which members of the public and scientists meet in a delimited area and defined time period to record as many species as possible. By working together in an informal environment, while sharing expertise and collecting valuable scientific data, it is possible to bridge the gap between scientists and citizens. As such, BioBlitzes can be effective strategies to promote citizen science to the public and beyond.

This Task & Finish group aims to connect people, communities, and organisations involved and interested in the organisation of BioBlitz events, to facilitate the sharing of good practice and to build capacity for this type of event across Europe.

The Task & Finish Group has been established under the Sharing Best Practice and Building Capacity Working Group.


Gaia Agnello

DITOs Project Officer at ECSA

Savita Custead

Chief Executive of Bristol Natural History Consortium

Working group


  • Lucy Robinson, Natural History Museum London, UK
  • Gaia Agnello, ECSA, Germany
  • Janice Ansine, Open University, UK
  • Savita Custead, Bristol Natural History Consortium, UK

Core Group

  • Andrea Sforzi, Museo di Storia Naturale della Maremma, Italy
  • Dacha Atienza Ariznavarreta, Natural History Museum of Barcelona, Spain
  • Veljo Runnel, University of Tartu Natural History Museum, Estonia
  • Matt Postles, Bristol Natural History Consortium, UK
  • Sarah West, University of York, UK
  • Jack Sewell, Marine Biological Association of the UK, UK
  • John Harlin, LAS Alpine Institute, Switzerland
  • Patrícia Tiago, Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Changes, Portugal
  • Libby Hepburn, Atlas of life, Australia
  • Liam Lysaght, National Biodiversity Data Centre, Ireland

Interest Group

  • Alexandra Kraberg, Germany
  • Poppy Lakeman Fraser, OPAL, Imperial College, UK
  • Carole Paleco, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, RBINS, Belgium
  • Chema Blanco, Medialab Prado, Spain
  • Pawel Wiszomiski, Meritum, Poland
  • Bernat Claramunt, CREAF & Natusfera, Spain
  • Francesco Cecere, Parco regionale Oglio Sud, Italy
  • Miriam Brandt, IZW, Germany
  • Ana Cristina Cardoso, JRC – EASIN, Italy
  • Konstantinos Tsiamis, JRC – EASIN, Italy
  • Eugenio Gervasini, JRC – EASIN, Italy
  • Tsuky Khait, CNATURE, Israel
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How to get involved

To join this working group, please contact the chair(s) by email, outlining your experience and which activities you are interested in.

We would like to hear from you about your interest and experience in BioBlitz. If you would like to get involved in the BioBlitz Task & Finish Group please email Gaia Agnello or Savita Custead.