Stars4all CC BY-NC 2.0
February 8, 2018

STARS4ALL: Open Data and Open Hardware for Creating Awareness on Light Pollution

Case study by Oscar Corcho, UPM

STARS4ALL is an EU-funded project that supports professional and amateur scientists who work on light pollution, raising awareness about its negative consequences for human and animal well-being and diminished ability to see starry nights.

CS aspect: STARS4ALL provides economic, logistic, policy and communications support to light-pollution initiatives proposed by citizens, activists and/or professional scientists. Games with a purpose are used for data curation.

OS aspect: The project helps light-pollution initiatives to adopt an open data strategy, and is creating a network of open-hardware photometers where data that is being generated is also available under open licenses.

Contact: Oscar Corcho, Ontology Engineering Group, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid


This case study is part of the DITOs Policy Brief "Citizen Science and Open Science: Synergies and Future Areas of Work".

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