Citizen science and universities

Citizen science and universities

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Citizen science and universities

The purpose of this working group is to advocate and support the embedding of citizen science activities at the university level, both for research and education purposes. 

We hope to support universities in carrying out citizen science research projects by: 

– strengthening infrastructure

– expanding the role of libraries

– sharing practices, templates, policies and training programmes

– building (or aiding) consortia for research applications.

We also hope to support education by including citizen science in curricula. Building on several excellent cases in the larger citizen science community, our aim is to advocate for and share best practices, not only at the university level (bachelor, master and PhD) but also with regards to including secondary schools and high schools in citizen science programmes.

The working groups plan to collaborate with a number of other ECSA working groups, for example those working policy, governance, partnerships, open science, empowerment and data, as well as the working group on learning and education.


Maria Aristeidou, The Open University

Yaela Golumbic, Steinhardt Museum of Natural History

Working group

  • Anne Kathrine Overgaard
  • Annelies Duerinckx
  • Claudia Göbel
  • Cristina Luis
  • Daniel Dörler
  • Darlene Cavalier
  • Dick Kasperowski
  • Egle Butkeviciene
  • Ekaterina (Katja) Egorova
  • Flemming Binderup Gammelgaard
  • Florian Heigl
  • Gitte Kragh
  • Huma Shah
  • Inês Navalhas
  • Jakub Trojan
  • Jaqui Goldin
  • Jose Miguel Rubio Iglesias
  • Josep Perello
  • Katerina Zourou
  • Kirsty Wallis
  • Kristian Hvidtfelt Nielsen
  • Margaret Gold
  • Maria Ojanen
  • Matteo Di Rosa
  • Mic Starbuck
  • Mohammad Gharesifard
  • Olivia Höhener
  • Rikke Magnussen
  • Seán Lynch
  • Sebastian Harnacker
  • Sofia Margarita Mojica Baquero
  • Susanne Tönsmann
  • Thomas Kaarsted
  • Tiberius Ignat
  • Tomislav Ivanjko
  • Victoria Lush
  • Yaela Golumbic
ECSA working group badge

Activity plan

The main objectives for the working group are as follows.

(1) Prepare a Declaration to support citizen science activities at universities, and gain support from at least 10 European universities.

(2) Sign partnerships with at least two other organizations that are able to accelerate support for citizen science at the university level.

(3) Deliver two webinars or workshops each year to gain support for embedding citizen science at universities.

Past achievements

This is a new ECSA working group, formed in 2020.

How to get involved

To join this working group, please contact the chairs by email, outlining your experience and which activities you are interested in. 

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