Foto: Florian Pappert, ECSA International Conference 2016, Berlin
ECSA International Conference 2018

This working group is organizing the biannual ECSA international conference. The conference is organized by another ECSA member each time. The working group leader changes every second year, because he or she is the project manager of the conference.

The first conference took place in Berlin, Germany, in Mai 2016 (, the second conference is taking place in Geneva, Switzerland, in June 2018.


  • Balint Balázs, Environmental Social Science Research Group, Hungary
  • Heiner Benking, Germany
  • Martin Brocklehurst, KempleyGREEN Consultants, Great Britain
  • Daniel Dörler, Universität für Bodenkultur, Austria
  • Margaret Gold, Natural History Museum of London, Great Britain
  • Muki Haklay, University College London, Great Britain
  • John Harlin, Leysin American School Alpine Institute, Switzerland
  • Susanne Hecker, German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv), Germany
  • Florian Heigl, Universität für Bodenkultur, Austria
  • Tiina Stämpfli, Bern, Switzerland
  • Poppy Lakeman Fraser, Imperial College London, Great Britain
  • Veronica French, ECSA headquarters, Germany
  • Dana Mahr, University of Geneva, Switzerland
  • Christine Marizzi, DNA Learning Center, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, USA
  • Elisa Radosta, University of Geneva, Switzerland
  • Tobias Reckling, Universität Wien, Austria
  • Veljo Runnel, University of Tartu, Estland
  • Fermin Serrano, Fundación Ibercivis, Spain
  • Oliviero Spinelli, Comunità Ambiente, Italy
  • Bruno Strasser, University of Geneva, Switzerland
  • Katrin Vohland, ECSA headquarters, Germany

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