May 7, 2019

ECSA Working Group: Citizen Science Networks

Citizen science has become very popular in Europe from the early 2010s on. Since then, several national networks and initiatives connect different citizen science projects in their respective countries, often across scientific disciplines. These platforms pursue several goals, such as: (1) displaying citizen science projects on their websites to an interested public; (2) connecting citizen science actors to foster innovation and learning; and (3) lobbying for citizen science in their respective contexts.

However, many of these initiatives face a number of challenges. These include, but are not limited to: funding of these networks; organization of workloads (e.g. organizational structure, IPR); and framing of citizen science (e.g. transparent criteria on which projects are listed on online platforms and which are not).

In this ECSA Working Group, representatives from established and emerging citizen science networks are collaborating to tackle some of these challenges.

Goal of the Working Group

The first goal of the Working Group on Citizen Science Networks is to frame transparent criteria that help networks to decide, in a transparent and impartial way, if a project should be listed as citizen science on their online platforms or not. This will facilitate the exchange of projects between networks and make projects more comparable.


Daniel Dörler, Chair

Florian Heigl, Co-Chair

Citizen Science Network Austria, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna


  • Lotta Tomasson (Vetenskap & Allmänhet)
  • Patricia Tiago
  • Susanne Hecker
  • Liesbeth Gijsel (EOS Wetenschap)
  • Annelies Duerincky (Citizen Science Vlaandern)
  • Jakub Trojan
  • Grant Miller (Zooniverse)
  • Gaia Agnello
  • Anders Tøttrup
  • Cristina Luís (Rede Portuguesa de Ciência Cidadã)
  • Gitte Kragh (Citizen Science Netværket)
  • Susanne Tönsmann (Partizipative Wissenschaftsakademie)
  • Darlene Cavalier (SciStarter)
  • Marika Cieslinski (Center for Citizen Science)

How to get involved

Interested in joining this Working Group? Please write to us at:

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