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inclusiveness & equity


This is the home base of the ECSA working group on Empowerment, inclusiveness & equity.

We work with organisers of projects in Citizen Science and Community-Based Research to co-create resources and facilitate exchange on inclusiveness, equity and empowerment in participatory research. The overall aim is that that more people from more diverse backgrounds can participate in such participatory research activities, shape them according to their wishes and generate impacts that address their needs.

On this website you can find out who we are, what we do and how to get involved.


This ECSA working group is co-chaired by Claudia Göbel and Michael Søgaard Jørgensen.

Please get in touch with any comments or questions regarding the working group or our activities.

Working group

  • Michael Søgaard Jørgensen, Aalborg University
  • Claudia Göbel, ECSA & Museum für Naturkunde Berlin
  • Khan Rahi, Canadian Community-Based Research Network
  • Linda Carton, Radboud University Nijmegen (Netherlands)
  • Nicola Moczek, PSY:PLAN GbR, Institute for architectural and environmental psychology, Berlin
  • Raphaela Kaisler, Open Innovation in Science Center, Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft, Austria
  • Henk Mulder, Science LinX/Science Shops, University of Groningen, Netherlands
  • Rick Hall, Ignite!, Nottingham UK

Interest Group

  • György Pataki, Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary
  • Barbara Kieslinger, Centre for Social Innovation – ZSI, Vienna, Austria
  • Bálint Balázs, ESSRG, Hungary, Budapest
  • Nela Gómez, EuroFUE-UJI, Castellón, España: http://www.fue.uji.es/eurofue/
  • Lukas Mocek, luftdaten.info, Citizen Science Air Quality Sensor Network
  • Athanasia Nikolaou, German Aerospace Center & Lecturers Without Borders scied.network
  • Andrea Giacomelli, pibinko.org, Tatti, Tuscany, Italy

We’re regularly updating this page – if you consider yourself a member and your name is not yet included here – please put it on this list, so we know you want it here.

ECSA working group badge

Aims and

The working group was set up at the General Assembly in ECSA in Geneva June 2018 in cooperation with the Living Knowledge Network for science shops and community-based research.

The background for the group is a joint interest from the field of citizen science and community-based research for increased cooperation, exchange of experiences and development of methods – which is one of the three strategic pillars in the ECSA strategy. This, we hope, will contribute to strengthening the focus on empowerment of civil society as focus and impact of citizen science activities.

Call for co-creation: We are currently co-creating the detailed description of purpose of activities of this working group with our members – please go here to take a look and contribute!

How we work together

The working group is supported by ECSA and the Living Knowledge Network.

We are working on Community Participation Guidelines to state the principles of how we want to work together.

We generally use English to communicate, other languages are welcome.

We document our activities and and in this shared folder.

How to get involved

You are warmly invited to:
  • Subscribe to our mailing list receive infos on working group activities and contents posted by other people, e.g. calls for partnerships, publications.
  • Share a short description of your project or work through the mailing list, and share material you think will be relevant to people who work in Citizen Science and Community-based Research, mostly in Europe.
  • Join one of our online working group meetings to get updates on group projects and learn what other people are working. Meeting space is usually this platform on Adobe Connect, the rolling agenda / minutes for the meeting here.
  • Give a short input presentation on your work or a question that buggs you in an online meeting. Meeting times are fixed through the mailing list for the moment. You do not need to sign up, just join! If you want to give a short presentation (usually 15 minutes, with 15 minutes discussion), please contact Claudia or Michael beforehand.
  • Join one of our face-to-face workshops. We update on possibilities here and via the mailing list.
  • Contribute to the collection of literature and case studies on empowerment, inclusiveness and equity in CS and CBR. It’s easy – upload relevant material to our collection on GDrive (please observe licenses!) and write a short note on the mailing list.
  • Co-create the purpose and activities of the working group. For instance, you can contribute to the draft working group desscription. Mid January 2019 we’ll transfer this to the website and move on with another piece of the puzzle.
  • Organise your own activity – online or offline – as part of the working group. Share your idea through the mailing list and/or get in touch with Claudia and Michael to get started. This working group can only make sense if it is a relevant forum for what our members want to do – please make it so. The chairs and ECSA Headquarters will do our best to support you.
  • Help moderating the mailing list and organising online meetings from time to time. You’re warmly invited to join Michael and Claudia as working group co-chairs in doing these (and new!) things to care for the working group meetings and infrastructure. We’re all doing this in our freetime,  and currently we feel we’ll need a third person to keep the energy now and especially after April 2019 – if this is you, please be in touch!
  • Get in touch with any new ideas, suggestions, questions and comments with ClaudiaMichael or Dorte! We’d love to hear what you want to do together and will see what we can do to make this happen.

What we do

Our current activities include:
  • Sharing information through our mailing list, e.g. calls for participation, partnerships or publications, job adds, relevant literature, interesting events.
  • Regular online working group meetings to discuss joint activities, learn more about each other’s work and shape how we work together.
  • Organising workshops (face-to-face) for exchanging of experience and creating resources together
  • Collecting literature and case studies – on empowerment, inclusiveness and equity in CS and CBR
  • Co-creating the purpose and activities of the working group
    • This is an ongoing activity – this working group can only make sense if it is a relevant forum for what our members want to do – please make it so, the chairs and ECSA Headquarters will do our best to support you. Please do get in touch with any suggestions, questions and comments with ClaudiaMichael or Dorte!
    • We started with asking for your input on our draft working group desscription – mid January 2019 we’ll transfer this to the website and move on with something else.

If you’re interested in these – please see the section „How to get involved“.

We’re always open for new ideas and suggestions for joint activities – that what is working group is about! Please be in touch.