European Citizen Science Platform

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European Citizen
Science Platform

This working group aims to be the central place of exchange for those interested in sustaining the EU-Citizen.Science platform, building it further and expanding it (e.g. adopting/making use of the platform source code, freely available, to set up a national/regional platform). By continuing to develop the European Citizen Science Platform we aim to contribute to the goal of establishing citizen science as a recognized, promoted and funded approach, one that fosters scientific literacy and the democratization of science.



Working group

  • Alfred Nordmann
  • Andrea Sforzi
  • Andrea Troncoso
  • Antonella Radicchi
  • Claire Narraway
  • Claudia Göbel
  • Dilek Fraisl
  • Dorte Riemenschneider
  • Frank Ostermann
  • Jakub Trojan
  • Jaqui Goldin
  • Margaret Gold
  • Muki Haklay
  • Silke Voigt-Heucke
ECSA working group badge

Activity plan

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Past achievements

  • This is a new ECSA working group, formed in 2022.

How to get involved

Get in touch with Claudia and Fran by email.